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Transience - CD

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Album released Feb. 23, 2024

1. That's All
2. Where is Love [Rob Stuart Mix] ***
3. Pet Sematary *
4. Desolation
5. My Best Mistake
6. It's Over [Rob Preuss Midnight Mix] **
7. Restraint
8. Vapour
9. Everything's Gonna Be Alright
10. Start Again
11. Lost in The Ether
12. Transience

The 7th album by Canadian synth band, Church of Trees, Transience is a sonic fusion of synth, electro-rock, indie pop, and ambient.  As dark and brooding as it is light and inspiring, Transience explores the concept of change and its impact on the individual, society, and a fragile planet.

"Lately, that change seems more dark than light, but I'm still hopeful. I think the album reflects that."

Though “hopeful”, chief songwriter Bernard Frazer vents a profusion of anger across the album, particularly in the opening and closing tracks. 

The Dark

The brand new single, That's All, (a driving electro-rock song featuring Failure’s Kellii Scott on drums) pointedly voices disgust for a world governed by oligarchy:

"Greed burns down the heart of the Amazon, money-love & cheats at the heart of it all"

The dark title track Transience, (featuring former Alannah Myles guitarist Lawrence Bethune) rails against man and the divine:

"Cities are crumbling, oceans are boiling, god must be stumbling, the planet is roiling, and humanity takes a bow"

The Light

On the lighter side, the album bubbles with synthpop, including Where Is Love (superbly remixed by Slave 2 The SquareWave’s Rob Stuart) and It’s Over (heralding the return of remixer and former Spoons keyboardist, Rob Preuss), and several surprising indie/alt pop songs, including My Best Mistake, Lost in the Ether, and Everything’s Gonna Be Alright (which feature both Frazer and Heather Brazeau on vocals).

The Songs

SYNTH: Desolation, It’s Over, Where Is Love, Transience, Start Again

ELECTRO-ROCK: That’s All, Lost In The Ether, Pet Sematary

ART POP: Everything’s Gonna Be Alright, My Best Mistake

AMBIENT: Vapour, Butterfly

The Team

Laden with hooky vocal melodies and intricate harmonies, the album is a testament to great teamwork, particularly between Frazer and Heather Brazeau who arranged the majority of the vocals. “Heather and I challenged each other to develop the most offbeat harmonies we could” notes Frazer, “It was such a pleasure to work with her!”

Vocalists Heather Brazeau and Stella Panacci shine throughout -- particularly Brazeau’s riveting delivery on the Steinman-esque Ramones cover Pet Sematary, and Panacci’s breathtaking vocal on the soulful Start Again.

Frazer wields his resonant baritone for half of the dozen songs, particularly the raw, emotional Transience, and the brooding synth wave number Desolation

Produced by Frazer and Jordon Zadorozny (Courtney Love, Chris Cornell), the album that is lyrically steeped in  change also signals change. “Sonically, we’re loosening our grip on the past as we explore new waters.”