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The Dark and The Light - Download

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Album released September 28, 2018

1. Like Gary Numan ft. DeeDee Butters (Frazer/Butters)
2. Listen 2 Love ft. Andrea Matchett & Rob Preuss
3. Good Girl ft. Tara Holloway (Frazer/Holloway)
4. Scream in Silence ft Tara Holloway (Frazer/Holloway)
5. Mister Maybe ft. DeeDee Butters (Frazer/Butters)
6. Like Gary Numan [rOb PreuSS Version]
7. I Can't Be Loved ft. Jill Beaulieu (Frazer/Beaulieu)
8. Another Perfect Day ft. Kate Schroder
9. Me, Myself, & I ft Krista Hartman (Frazer/Hartman)
10. Heaven's Waiting ft DeeDee Butters (Frazer/Butters)
11. Scream in Silence [rOb PreuSS Version]

The Dark and The Light and its debut single Like Gary Numan topped charts at number one in the UK, France, and on college radio stations across Canada.
The sophomore Church of Trees release, The Dark and The Light, features some of Canada's finest but lesser known female vocalists. A sonic shift from the debut EP Primitive Creatures, the new album explores a range of styles within the synthpop genre, from an edgy Numan-esque feel (Like Gary Numan, Scream in Silence) to more pop-oriented, danceable grooves (Listen to Love, Good Girl), with a heaping of the unexpected (I Can't Be Loved, Mister Maybe).

The album also features the song Listen to Love, which is co-written and performed with Rob Preuss (formerly of Spoons and Honeymoon Suite). Rob also contributes two extraordinary remixes (or as Rob calls them: rOb PreuSS Versions), one for Like Gary Numan, and one for Scream in Silence.


Bernard Frazer: drum/bass programming, synths, piano, sfx
Rob Preuss: synths, drum/bass programming on Listen to Love, and synths, drum/bass programming, percussion, bass, and guitar on both rOb PreuSS Versions.
Jordon Zadorozny: Guitar
Kelly Craig: Trumpet on Mister Maybe
DeeDee Butters: vocals
Tara Holloway: vocals
Andrea Matchett: vocals
Jill Beaulieu: vocals
Krista Hartman: vocals

Produced by Bernard Frazer and Jordon Zadorozny except for [rOb PreuSS Versions] produced and mixed by Rob Preuss

Mixed/mastered by Jordon Zadorozny @ Skylark Park Pembroke, ON
Vocals recorded by Jordon Zadorozny except:
I Can't Be Loved: vocals recorded by Richard Kleef
Listen to Love: vocals recorded by Andrea Matchett
Another Perfect Day: vocals recorded by Kate Schroder
Drum/bass programming, synths, piano and sound effects recorded by Bernard Frazer with additional synths and drum/bass programming for Listen to Love recorded by Rob Preuss
Trumpets on Mister Maybe recorded by Andrew Burns

Album photograph by
Album Design by Karen Bisson & Bernard Frazer