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Progression - CD

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Album released October 28, 2020

1. Crumbs (There's Only Now) Primitive Creatures
2. Always Away Primitive Creatures
3. Primitive Creatures Primitive Creatures
4. Like Gary Numan The Dark & The Light
5. Listen 2 Love The Dark & The Light
6. Mister Maybe The Dark & The Light
7. Good Girl The Dark & The Light
8. I Can't Be Loved The Dark & The Light
9. Scream in Silence The Dark & The Light
10. Heaven's Waiting The Dark & The Light
11. Paralyzed New Bold Dawn
12. Eye on You New Bold Dawn
13. Eyes Up New Bold Dawn
14. End of Days New Bold Dawn
15. Head on the Wall

Progression is a chronological retrospective of Church of Trees from 2016 to 2020. It weaves together the pivotal songs from the first four years of their journey. Included, are notes and comments by Church of Trees founder, Bernard Frazer, about the making of these songs and the people who helped bring them to life.


Vocals by: Felicity DeCarle, DeeDee Butters, Tara Holloway, Andrea Matchett, Jill Beaulieu, Tara Hope, Allison Stanton, and Bernard Frazer

Synths, bass synths, drum/bass programming, SFX by Bernard Frazer except for End of Days (rOb PreuSS version): synths, programming, and percussion by Rob Preuss)

Guitar by Jordon Zadorozny

Mixed and mastered by Jordon Zadorozny at Skylark Park except for End of Days (rOb PreuSS version): mixed and mastered by Rob Preuss.

Produced by Bernard Frazer and Jordon Zadorozny, except for End of Days (rOb PreuSS version): produced by Rob Preuss.